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A non-traditional school, provides a firm emphasis on the four areas of competencies in training and mentoring students to become well rounded and globally competitive. We believe in developing the whole child and set consistently high expectations in all that they do to ensure that they achieve their full potential. Our positive approach to children and good relationships with parents and all members of our communities provide firm foundations for an enjoyable and challenging learning journey for our student. Our ethos underpin many different aspects of daily experience every student enjoys in Cambridge.

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Summer Classes

Singapore Math

Students from Grade 1 to Grade 6 are encourage to take this course to enhance their arithmetic skills.

April 18 - May 13 (MWF)


Students from Preschool to Grade 6 are encourage to take this course to enhance their reading skills.

April 18 - May 13 (MWF)

Arduino (Robotics 101)

For a programming enthusiast or simply likes to know how robot works or planning to create a robot, this is the right course for you! This course will introduce Electronics, Programming and Arduino as fundamentals in understanding how robot works and how to do an interfacing between Arduino and the electronic components. Open for Ages 10 and up.

April 18 - May 13 (MWF)


Learn the basic of guitar and learn it well! For ages 10 and up.

April 18 - May 13 (MWF)


Enrolment still ongoing

Accepting enrolees for Preschool (NKP) and Grades 1-10 for SY 2016-2017.

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Special Care

Each teacher has a sense of responsibility and care for each child inside the classroom.

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Small Groups

We only operated in a maximum of 12 students per class.

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Technology-Aided Learning

As your child being digital native, we choose an iPad as a tool for learning. Students are more acquianted to technology and learning makes it fun and exciting.

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